is a health site by health researchers and health advisers. The blog is mainly based on chronic kidney disease, diabetes, nutrition and skin care.

HealthySpell is your “go to” area if you need tips about the maintenance of the diseases mentioned above.

Science research and medical research language can be hard to fully understand if you are not even in the health department, that is why HealthySpell had took a decision to be a user-friendly and simplified blog that offers valuable, simplified solutions, insights and tips about the selected topics mentioned above.


To provide our readers with straight forward solutions, that can bring in great value. We understand how it can be; feeling the need to be part of a community that understand what you are going through and as well as understand your pain and frustrations.


Chronic kidney disease

Diabetes Type 1 and type 2




We provide you with information, tips, tricks and motivation that can help you tackle all two diseases even if you only have one of them, the thing is that each of these selected diseases make you prone to the other ones, so just call this killing  two birds with one stone.

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